3211 Bramer Drive, Raleigh, NC 27604 // Phone: (919) 850-9960 Fax: (919) 850-9961

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"I Have A Dream" In 4 Languages
Presentation for NC Governor Pat McCrory
English, Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese) & Arabic
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Torchlight Academy | K - 7th Grade
Exceeding Expectations!
Torchlight has the highest academic growth index in Math and Reading than any charter school in the state!
“A public charter school with the quality of a private education”
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Setting High, World-Class Standards
Our Students Are Taught: English + Mandarin + Arabic + Spanish
For every student enrolled
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Innovative Learning
Kindles In The Classroom - eReading Program
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Learning through Science


Global Learning

Torchlight Academy provides several different languages. Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese). This practice allows for our students to have a more cosmopolitan view of the world.

School Enrollment

Torchlight Academy is a free charter school. There are no special requirements to enroll as a student. You can live anywhere in the state of North Carolina and attend Torchlight Academy.

First Day of School

This is to inform Parents, that Students First Day of School is August 24, 2016. For more information on School Calendar and School Supply List, click on link below.

Why Choose Torchlight