3211 Bramer Drive, Raleigh, NC 27604 // Phone: (919) 850-9960 Fax: (919) 850-9961

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"I Have A Dream" In 4 Languages
Presentation for NC Governor Pat McCrory
English, Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese) & Arabic
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Torchlight Academy | K - 7th Grade
Is #1!
Torchlight Academy Ranks #1 in Math and Reading growth among all 167 N. C. Charter Schools!
“A public charter school with the quality of a private education”
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Setting High, World-Class Standards
Our Students Are Taught: English + Mandarin + Arabic + Spanish
For every student enrolled
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Innovative Learning
Kindles In The Classroom - eReading Program
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Learning through Science

Global Learning

Torchlight Academy provides several different languages. Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese). This practice allows for our students to have a more cosmopolitan view of the world.

School Enrollment

Torchlight Academy is a free charter school. There are no special requirements to enroll as a student. You can live anywhere in the state of North Carolina and attend Torchlight Academy.

We Rank #1 in Math & Reading

Torchlight Academy Charter School ranked number one in student growth index in Math and Reading among all charter schools in the state of North Carolina.


Why Choose Torchlight

  • Private School Quality

    Rigorous Curriculum
    Special Education Services
    Kindles In The Classrooms
    Computer Lab
  • Globally Prepared Students

    Torchlight Academy provides introductory instruction in four languages:
  • Secure, nurturing environment

    Playground Area
    Front Yard
  • Anti-Bullying Video

    The Wake Collaborative to Stop Bullying and Youth Violence Martin Luther King Jr. Essay, Arts and Technology Competition"Content of Character" Winning Video Mrs. Carter's Class ...Torchlight Academy
  • Torchlight Academy Ranks #1