Household Application for Free School Meals (2021-22) - Torchlight Academy - Raleigh Charter School
Torchlight Academy // Phone: (919) 850-9960

    Step 1: List ALL household members who are infants, children and students up to and including grade 12

    Definition of Household Member: “Anyone who is living with you and shares income and expenses, even if not related. Children in foster care and children who meet the definition of homeless, migrant or runaway are eligible for free meals."

    Step 2: Do any household members (including you) currently participate in one or more of the following assistance programs: SNAP, TANF or FDPIR

    Step 3: Report income for ALL household members (skip this step if you answered yes to step 2)

    A. Child income: sometimes children in household earn or receive income. Please include the TOTAL income received by all household members listed in step 1 here:

    B. Gross income before taxes for all adult household members (including yourself) not listed in step 1. If they do not receive an income from any source, write 0.

    Step 4: Contact information

    I certify that all information on this application is true and that all income is reported. I understand that this information is given in connection with the receipt of Federal funds and that school officials may verify the information. I am aware if I purposely give false information, my children may lose meal benefits and I may be prosecuted under applicable State and Federal Laws.