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Wake County sees huge response to expungement program


Word has spread like wildfire through Wake County about the new expungement program. Even the Wake County District Attorney is a bit blown away by the sheer number of local residents lining up for the opportunity to clear their old criminal record.

For many, it’s a second chance at a better life. Tuesday night, Brian Bunn was one of the first in line.

“Actually, I heard some people talking about (the expungement program) on the bus,” Bunn said.

Not everyone who showed up to pre-register will be eligible for expungement. Organizers try to manage expectations.

“I do want to say, it is not going to happen overnight,” Diana Powell told a group of registrants. Powell’s group, Justice Served NC, is one of several community partners working with the D-A’s office to find eligible residents.

Despite the odds, Brian Bunn left the event with newfound hope.

“This is definitely a blessing,” Bunn said. “I need this in my life.”

The District Attorney’s s deadline to have residents registered for the expungement program is this Friday, Sept. 30. Volunteers are trying to squeeze in more events this week, to meet the overwhelming demand.   Read more…Wake County Sees Huge Response to Expungement Program