Justice Served and Torchlight Academy - Torchlight Academy - Raleigh Charter School
Torchlight Academy // Phone: (919) 850-9960

— Nearly a thousand people registered over the last week to have their records expunged. A few hundred more were expected Tuesday night at the Torchlight Academy in Raleigh.

As part of a partnership between the Wake County District Attorney’s Office and Justice Served of North Carolina, people can sign up to have their records examined for a possible expungement.

“When you have old charges it’s a lot of red tape you have to go through,” said Charles Powell, who has two DWI charges dating back to 2006.

Diana Powell with Justice Served of North Carolina said people often made mistakes at 16 and 17 years old.

“Now they are 35, 40 years old and because of that one mistake they went to court not understanding the court system and ended up taking a plea and not realizing that this stuff stays on your record,” she said.
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